National Order of the Arrow Conference

Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana

July 30, 2018 through August 4, 2018

NOAC is a national gathering of around 10,000 – 15,000 Arrowmen from nearly every Lodge in the Nation.

The cost this year is expected to be around $900.00 (the exact amount will be determined by the fee set at the National NOAC Office) which will include your National NOAC fees, several exclusive Lenape Lodge NOAC shirts, special NOAC Lodge flaps, and special NOAC Council strips.

There are ceremony and dance team competitions. There is an awesome OA Trading Post and NOAC hosts the second biggest patch trading event (first being the National Jamboree). There are exhibitors with the latest in camping and outdoor equipment and High Adventure trip planning that you can go on. Interested in the history of OA? See it in the Museum of OA and Scouting History.

NOAC not only has lots of fun opportunities but it’s educational too! You will attend classes to improve your leadership skills that you can bring back to your unit and Lodge or learn what it’s like to be a Lodge Chief.

Other classes include OATR training, helping the Boys in Blue, Webelos to Boy Scout crossover, conducting a Vigil Callout ceremony and many more.

Due to expected high interest coupled with capacity constraints at Indiana University, the NOAC committee has instituted a quota for the 2018 conference and is enforcing a 3:1 youth to adult ratio. Each council, regardless of current lodge membership, receives slots for ten delegates.

Additional delegates are assigned as a percentage of the lodge membership.  Based on these parameters,  our current quota is 17 youth and 5 adults.

This may be increased in January if other lodges do not use their full quota and we can ask for more. However, the 3:1 ratio will not change.

At this time, we are registering youth on a first come, first accepted basis. Each youth expressing interest in attending NOAC must make a $100 deposit at time of registration.

For adults, we are only collecting names of interested OA members. Once we have final quotas in January, the youth NOAC committee will finalized and execute a selection process. There is no need to lobby any youth members for consideration.

The cost to attend NOAC is approximately $900. Final costs will be announced February 1st 2018. The cost to attend NOAC includes registration fees, transportation to and from Indiana University, room, meals, swag (tee shirts, patches etc.)

To place a deposit for NOAC click HERE: