The OA Camp Chief is an Arrowman who cheerfully serves both the camp and the lodge during the summer. Responsible for the various lodge programs at camp, the Camp Chief is the “go-to” person for all Order of the Arrow related questions. On any given day, he might make torches for that week’s call out ceremony, conduct a unit election for an in-council troop in the comfort of their own campsite, organize Arrowmen to serve coffee and newspapers each morning to Scoutmasters as reveille sounds, or promote the next big event to each Troop/Team Representative. With a hard-working Camp Chief in place, the lodge and the camp develop a win-win relationship.



The benefits to the Lodge:

  • Organizing consistent record keeping of call out and Brotherhood conversion information
  • Increasing attendance at future events due to promotion at camp
  • Creating impressive, better planned call out ceremonies
  • Continuing a program that doesn’t lapse for three months during the summer
  • Expanding awareness about lodge activities and programs
  • Increasing Brotherhood conversion rates Contacting Troop/Team Representatives and Scoutmasters directly
  • Providing on-site elections and call outs all summer long for in-council troops

The benefits to the Camp and Council:

  • Adding a consistent camp service project coordinator
  • Establishing on-site resources for OA program
  • Filling a “gap” in the camp program for OA members
  • Boosting camper morale through OA gatherings
  • Increasing camper and troop return by creating a memorable program
  • Recruiting quality future staff members
  • Providing an Indian Lore instructor, campfire builder, and servant leader

Interested? Apply NOW!

Please keep in mind that this is TWO part process:

  1. The candidate must be approved and recommended by the lodge to the Camp Director.
  2. The candidate must still be interviewed by the camp director as he will be serving as a member of summer camp staff.

Passing the Lodge interview does NOT guarantee a position on camp staff!

We will set up interviews for late March and Early April


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